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Birla Samrat Chetak PPC Cement

BenefitsLonger lifespan, Anti-rust, minimizes water seepage

UsageDomestic, preferred in concreting & plastering work

2022-12-04 to 2022-12-05


Quantity 200-299 50-99 100-199 More than 300
amg price / 50 kg bag ₹ 332/- ₹ 333/- ₹ 333/- Call for Best Price

Overview :
Buy Birla Samrat Chetak PPC Cementonline at amgmaterial in Delhi NCR. Get best cement price in Delhi per bag as our rates are updated daily so that you get latest market cement price. We would like to help you to make the best buying decision and hence we have made Cement buying guide so as to guide you how to buy cement, how to test the quality, types of cement and storage. You can also calculate the quantity of cement bags required by using our Cement Calculator. Given below is a brief overview about the brand, product and some of its features.

Product details :Birla Samrat Chetak Cement is a prized product of Birla Corporation Limited, for about five decades. Very fine silica granules, available in fly-ash are used in the production of Birla Samrat Chetak PPC Cement. These granules react with the excess lime found in cement and transform it into a gel, which gives the construction more strength, longer lifespan and other properties for wide application.

Product Benefits :
Anti-Rust : Birla Samrat Chetak Cement prevents the steel bars within concrete reinforcements, from rusting. Hence, the construction's lasts longer, comparatively.
Minimizes Water Seepage : Birla Samrat Chetak Cement is used to construct roofs, basements and water tanks, making them stronger, durable & water resistant. The extra fine grains of Birla Samrat Chetak Cement act as deterrents for seepage. This keeps the construction dense and water resistant.
Lesser Thermal Cracks : The Heat of Hydration count is very low in Birla Samrat Chetak Cement. This prevents cracks in RCC and other construction works.
More Fineness : Birla Samrat Chetak Cement is finer than 53 Grade OPC. It has super strength, great adhesive qualities and creates a more flexible and resilient cement mix for constructions.
Setting Time : Like Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), the shuttering of columns, beams, slabs etc. can be opened within the specified duration.

Company details : Birla Corporation Limited is the flagship Company of the M.P. Birla Group and was formed in 1919 by Late Mr. Madhav Prasad Birla. The company has seven plants in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh with installed capacity of 8.79 million tonnes. They manufacture Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC), 43 & 53 grades, Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC), Portland Slag Cement, Low Heat Cement and Sulphate Resistant Cement. The cement is marketed under the brand names of Birla Cement SAMRAT, Birla Cement CHETAK, Birla Cement KHAJURAHO and Birla Premium Cement.

Disclaimer :
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Brand Birla Samrat Chetak
Variant PPC
Fineness (sq. m/kg) 380
Setting Time (min) Initial-140 min/ Final-190 min
Soundness (Le-Chatelier Expn.) 1 mm
Compressive strength (3 days) N/ sq. mm 27
Compressive strength (7 days) N/ sq. mm 38
Compressive strength (28 days) N/ sq. mm 55

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